The Imaginary Garden: The Visions of the Infinite.

The particularity of an artist is to create her own world. Beyond that, the value and the soundness of Maryam Salour's art is in that it is genuinely a particular universe. This is an autonomous small world that only fleetingly resembles that which we usually know, but which has all its depth, diversion and obscurity. In this respect the Maryam Salour's example remains rare in the contemporary Iranian sculpture. For her, it is no more the question to place only in the mere level of the aestetic sentiment but to step entirely in a new world through winch we witness directly the mysteries of Personality.

This is especially the image of the Iranian Garden. This expression of lost paradise that torments the mind of Maryam Salour. For her, the everlasting soul of Iran is incarnated in this mystical space where the invisible becomes substance and stone. Here. the artist`s work resembles that of the philosopher who, by brewing a multitude of deed, arrives at the concept at the abstract pleasure of un immeasurable definition, something to materialize which is the subjective proof of happiness, and the objective figure of the perpetual beauty.

It is here where the art of Maryam Salour meets the Persian heritage, like the privileged place of the advent of the memory, to establish her own " home" Hence, the progress sentiment metamorphosis which we feel in front of this resurrection of conciousness in the shape of the Persian Garden, and more directly in front of this dialogue with Maryam Salour's style with the fruitfulness of the earth. A communication that is not a hazard, but which is the life of an at itself that discovers immortality.

Considering it as a whole, the art of Maryam Salour appears to us like a poetical action winch begs us to ask about the interior beauty of the elements. It makes us feel life, opens our eyes and makes us realize that the sculpture is quite different from an artful imitation of the exterior reality. That is where the artist asserts herself deeply and naturally as a creator.

Against a world where there exists nothing more than the power of decadence, the art of Maryam Salour appeals to a different form of vision. She views the world by degrees that she produces . To see, for her, is to invite us to see. So, a wave passes and from one side to the other of the mirror, we are born in the world.

The Persian Garden invites us to contemplate, to recognize our perpetual profundity. To Maryam Salour, the call to the memory unites by a mystical communion to the invisible eternity of the Persian soul.

Ramin Jahanbegloo

20 Avril 2003
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